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Unpacking the lockdown – UN Women Datathon Award

On December 2020 I took part in the UN Women Datathon at Datafest Tbilisi. I partnered up with Dursun Halimova and our data storytelling proposal was awarded. We created these social media posts for UN Women Georgia. We created and visualised a data story about the gender gap increase in household burden due to COVID-19 …

On The Sunny Side Of Swing

Read, listen, watch and feel Swing music on this interactiva Data Storytelling piece. The history of Swing music through one of its most iconic songs. Combining an open survey and Spotify data.

Airbnb and rent in Valencia

A visual exploration of the most Airbnb-populated neighbourhoods in Valencia (Spain) and how rent changed from 2018 to 2019. Created with CARTO. Darker colours indicate a higher density of Airbnb ‘entire place’ ads. Size and direction of the triangles indicate the change in long term rental fares. Source: Inside Airbnb, ASICVAL