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Unpacking the lockdown – UN Women Datathon Award

On December 2020 I took part in the UN Women Datathon at Datafest Tbilisi. I partnered up with Dursun Halimova and our data storytelling proposal was awarded. We created these social media posts for UN Women Georgia. We created and visualised a data story about the gender gap increase in household burden due to COVID-19 …

On The Sunny Side Of Swing

Escucha, mira y siente la música Swing en esta pieza interactiva de Data Storytelling. La historia de la música Swing a través de una de sus canciones más emblemáticas. Combina una encuesta abierta y datos del API de Spotify.

Airbnb y el alquiler en Valencia

A visual exploration of the most Airbnb-populated neighbourhoods in Valencia (Spain) and how rent changed from 2018 to 2019. Created with CARTO. Darker colours indicate a higher density of Airbnb ‘entire place’ ads. Size and direction of the triangles indicate the change in long term rental fares. Source: Inside Airbnb, ASICVAL